The unspoken correlation of racism and democracy

For us to in vision and become a truly democratic nation, we must first understand the untold, and often overlooked side of its foundation. History has a tendency to repeat itself, which is a core reason that when it comes to democracy, we must understand how it came into society, the reasons for its development, and the analyzation of its contemporary tactics within our present society. If we trace back to colonial times, we can see colonies become nations. We see those political warriors that led to the rise of those nations come into power to lead them into a better future. At least that is what they are meant to do. Although if we analyze the reforms implemented, and the social structures that proceeded, most often that is not the case.

Within Latin America, Simon Bolivar is known as the “Liberator”, for his actions that led to the independence from Spain. What is not often mention is his form of government that was implemented after they became independent nations. If we trace back and analyze the political structures and their reform, we would see the exact same structure, and methods and tactics that were used from Spain. The only difference is who, at that time had the title of power. Simon Bolivar retained its same political structure, and then on a document wrote that the lower class are not intelligent enough to care for themselves, so in order to look out for the best of the nation political power must be passed on by inheritance only. To further marginalize people, the maintained a social established social structure that labeled individuals based on their “purity” of nobility, and those who were lower due to being of mixed raced. In North America, the colonies gained independence, but just shifted the hierarchy to themselves, while they marginalized, enslaved and looked at everyone else as a different species.

This is the foundation of how modern nations were established, and while many claims that they are working towards a better society, they still view anyone different from their social class or circle as a different type of species. They label them, marginalize them, implement controls that keep economic classes widely apart. Yet claim to be looking out for all of society. In order for us to be truly democratic we must look at ourselves and see the world not just though our own eyes, but with everyone’s eyes. See that for us to be truly in the pursuit of democracy, we must first overcome these barriers emplaced since the foundation of the nation.

One statement I heard from the panelists was “What is going to take to move the empire out of the way, so real democracy can be present”. And this touched my heart because it should that these political elites and, their political structure is an empire that has been around since the foundation of the nation. And these empire to this day continues to implement, and meddle in other nations politics if the elite’s interest are at jeopardy. They continue to look out not for the people, but for themselves. They are opportunities that jump at any opportunity to maintain their riches and power.

However, change can come, and it will. It begins with you reading this blog. It begins with myself reaching out to others to understand democracy. It starts with us. We are innovators of our own future, so as an innovator we must think and mold what we see as a better future. We teach ourselves, seek out knowledge from others, all in the pursuit of a closing the gaps that restrain us from growth and building bridges where those gaps are too far. This panel discussion was such an informative event, that I wished many of my friends were present. Now it is my job to pass on the information given to me by the panelist, in seek of true democracy.

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