We All Learn From Our Mistake 

It is tough to answer questions like “Do you believe incarceration could be/is a viable option for rehabilitating people who may be accused or convicted of a crime?.” The reason I do believe that in order to save the neighborhood or other people’s lives, we need incarceration. People who committed a crime deserve punishment; on the other hand, they also deserve a second chance. New York has stringent laws, but still, many crimes are happening every day. If a criminal did not get punishment, then the crime rate will increase more. However, in the U.S.A., there is a trend that black people get arrested and killed quicker than white skin people sometimes without doing any crime. I used “trend” because every single week, there is some corner in the U.S.A white police killed black people without any proofs. And also, societies created a wrong impression of black people, such as they are drug dealers, killers, violent, etc. This makes them believe they are not fit for society. It is also a reason that they did not get or make enough money to survive themselves, and then they take the help of some illegal activities.    

However, compared to my experience back in my country and experiencing New York is different. For example, I am from South Asia when racism does not exist because people speak the same language, and there’s skin color also the same. When I came to New York, I learned about racism. It was like a new vocabulary or old trend I had to add in my head. One superior group of people judge other people by their skin color. Compare to new york to other countries, New York’s crime rate is high. I believe that this is because of racism. Due to racism, a certain group of people cannot grow as other people grow, such as white people in terms of getting into college/education, job, or business.

Finally, I do believe incarceration could be a viable option for rehabilitating people who may be accused or convicted of a crime. But also they should deserve a second chance because we all learn from our mistakes. 


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  1. Somi, thank you for your candid thoughts on the topic and what you believe about incarceration. There is a lot to this topic and Steven presented just the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless, you grasping different sociopolitical aspects of the topic shows that you have a wide view and more importantly, empathy!

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