Becoming a Future Educator

As a future professional, I envision myself to be a confident and brave leader as I step into the role of becoming a elementary teacher. I hope to challenge myself through useful discussions with other educators. I am currently doing a double major in Elementary Education & English. I choose these major options since I find writing and education to be powerful tools. As a future elementary teacher, I will use my current experience to benefit myself as a speaker. I find it important to be outspoken as a teacher in order to build effective classroom management. I am learning the importance of teaching curriculum and building strong classroom management. I want to educate young leaders since I enjoy the process of asking questions to help them find the answer. I hoped to become a teacher early on since I got inspired by my own public school teachers. I wanted to do my bachelors in elementary education when I graduated from high school. However, I choose to start at a community college, Laguardia. I did my associates in Liberal Arts which I found to be highly beneficial since it helped me explore different career options and one of the reasons I was inspired to do a double major at Queens College, English. I enjoy taking English courses. Although I am not the best writer, I am always looking for ways to improve myself. I also find both of my major options to be effective together since major in English will help me when I am looking for teaching jobs. 

The “Defining Your Ideal Career Activity” made me a question about my interests and how they do or do not play a role in my future career. The three questions: What you love?, What you’re good at?, and What pays well? all offer insight into the happiness or excitement my career may offer me. For example, I enjoy helping others around me which is a useful skill to have as a teacher. It is important to do something that you are motivated to do. It is also useful for people who might not be sure of their major options since they can research which jobs combine their skill set to narrow down their choices. The expectations I have about being an elementary teacher is to be flexible and able to be there for each student/parent. It is important to be able to communicate with parents through email, phone, or letter. It is important to communicate the positives about a student such as good behavior as opposed to only negatives. As a teacher, it is important to have a strong relationship with the principal, coworkers, students, parents, and other staff members since each individual plays a huge role in making a student succeed. As a future educator, I look forward to finding ways to bring creativity inside my classroom that challenges students’ thinkings.  


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  1. Akampreet, the three questions: What do you love?, What you’re good at?, and What pays well? are questions, I always ask myself. I do so to make sure I still love what I do, what else am I good at and of course how am I gong to pay my bills. Should anything change, I may need to recalibrate. The questions are great for reflection and self-analysis at whatever level you are in life.

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