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The song I chose to contribute to the playlist for the fellowship was “Not a Love Song” by Mariah the Scientist. Mariah the Scientist is an upcoming artist from New York City. She is another leading lady in the music industry that has some form of a college degree. She joins the duo of Megan thee Stallion and Saweetie to have accomplished this among the newest wave of stars. I chose Mariah because she is the representation of the new age of women in the music industry. She is one of many that is in the music business by her own will and doesn’t need to make music to survive in life. Her music is soulful and she is an intelligent woman.

What I believe this song is about is her evaluating her most recent relationship and the lessons she learned through pain. Mariah analyzes how everything is flipped and how she changed because of the pain. The emotion I feel from this song is too complex to fully describe. I become so woeful while listening to this song. This song helps me step back and analyze how things aren’t so sweet. The song is about love, but the song helps be fall back to my “center of gravity”. The message of the song is that not everything deserves a huge goodbye, not everything needs to be extra. As much as you can be hurt, you can look back at how you were at fault as well. Pain clouds your judgment on what really happened. For example, despite this pain, she says “Guess I’m possessive or I’m sensitive, these days I don’t know what the difference is”. Her own love can be seen as different compared to what really happened. Her view on love is one of critique not lamenting. By facing what’s wrong, she is denying the similar message of most love songs. She battles not only the ego of a boyfriend instead of the love she felt in this song but throughout her entire album “MASTER”. The lines I love the most and relate to are “Guess I’m possessive or I’m sensitive, these days I don’t know what the difference is” are “You know that I think that the internet is poisonous”. These lines are not only things I’ve said before, but it incapsulates falling in and out of love in this new age of technology. We feel like we need to be another person’s everything and need to be all they interact with. We feel that posting our relationship gives it validation. Loving in the age of Gen Z is exactly what her entire album is about. “Not a Love Song” is the finale of this grand album. If there was an alternative title of the song, it might be “Different Motives” or “What We Were”

I hope you enjoyed my piece on the song. I have included the song in this post and recommend listening to the entire album.

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  1. Hi Moses,
    Thank you for your contribution to the Leadership fellows playlist and for bringing me up to speed on some of the new up and coming women in the rap game that are making a name for themselves. I personally love a unconventional message when dealing with matters of the heart on songs so I too can see why you went with this one. It is also great to hear of more artists who are either in college or went already that is pursuing the music industry, hopefully less people will be taken advantage of contract wise amongst other creative additions to their music as a result.

  2. Moses, I listened to the song and I like it. It’s interesting the ways that music lets us see the world and impact our perception. Thanks for sharing

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