A Woman Who Taught Me Leadership

She is a person who has a lot of struggles in her life. She wanted to go to college while she was working at a shoe factory, but her parents didn’t let her go although she argued she would pay herself. She became a widow when she was twenty-eight years old with two children. She worked as a waitress and a cleaning woman to raise them in a semi-base apartment. However, she never lost her strong desire that she would become a successful person in the business world. Years later, she created her own company that has dozens of employees and clients.

Whenever I visit her office, all employees always treated me nicely with a lot of love from their hearts. It’s not because they work for her. It is because they love her. She tries to offer many opportunities for their children’s education. And, she regularly supports some children who are not in good positions to pay for schools. I’m always proud of her good deed. It also made me have a dream that I would help other people as well in the future. She taught helping someone doesn’t require compensation.

One of the things I admire the most of her leadership skills was she always took all the burden of her job and house without letting people know. As a leader, she doesn’t show her emotions much. She doesn’t look angry although anger simmers inside her. She is even temperate when she is happy. She taught me that the leader shouldn’t express emotions because they lose people’ trust. So, she is the leader I admire the most. I’m proud to be her son.

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  1. Hi Yoon,
    It sounds like your mom is an amazing resilient woman! Our mother’s really are true leaders and warriors when you think of all they have sacraficed even just bringing us into the world. I hope you find comfort in knowing you come from good stock and from a lineage of strength and leadership that you will carry on and pass on for the generations to come.

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Yes, our mothers are. I hope I also can be a competent leader one day when the situation comes.
      Thank you for your sincere comment!

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