Mi Mayor Venganza, by La India, a message of strength and power.

During our last meet up we were asked to pick a song, and the first to come into my head was “Mi Mayor Venganza”, by India, a Puerto Rican artist. When I was younger my parents would play her along with other artist every morning, and I vividly remember her voice and the impact of its impression on me. It sounded so fierce and powerful and although I could not understand her message then, I could feel it. A message of strength, power that was reflected with her voice throughout the song. As I grew up and continued to listen to her music, the clearer the message became, each time with the message becoming clearer than it previously was.

In many LatinX culture and families, the norm of masculinity, also known to us as “machismo” still lives on. Being young, and growing up hearing the passion of her voice, the intensity, the determination and strength while she spoke from her heart to me was amazing because it challenged many of the norms that I saw in my culture. It showed her, taking control of an unfortunate event (her partner cheated on her), and instead of letting it bring her down, or giving in to the norm of the toxic masculinity norms within the Latin culture she spoke out and showed her strength. She showed many that she has the control of her emotions, she has the control not of what happened, but what comes out of it at the end. She turned a negative into a positive and came out on top. She showed a side of strength, dedication to herself, and power that was vividly reflected in her voice. She showed many men that herself, as anyone in this world has control of their own outcome, their own emotional stability, and furthermore she showed and served as a role model to many women that they all have that strength within. I found this message of hers beautiful and enlightening, especially to a community that still struggles with toxic masculinity embedded in its contemporary norms throughout Latin America.

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  1. I really liked you sharing the song with us and its place in the Latinx culture. She went against the grain which is important for young girls to hear and make a change.

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