Discovery-Driven Career

As a future physician-scientist, I see myself working between the clinic and laboratory. In addition to demonstrating empathetic care to patients, I aim to advance the forefront of healthcare innovation through robust, clinically applicable research. Living in a time when new technologies are constantly emerging and the potential for applying these to healthcare is becoming a reality, I am determined to harness these advancements as a physician-scientist to improve healthcare delivery and accessibility. My focus on patient care and widening healthcare access would allow me to bridge research and clinical needs to inform my research into more effective diagnostic and therapeutic tools that will help alleviate disease and suffering.

Admittedly, I entered college without these grand ambitions. In fact, I had little clue about a career in research. However, taking courses in life sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics illuminated for me the complexity and beauty of the molecular world. Even so, classroom-based learning cannot compare with my experiences conducting independent research in the laboratory. As I got more involved in research, the importance of discovery-driven work gradually became more lucid. Research excites me because through critical thinking, I am free to propose a scientific inquiry, devise a plan to answer it, and carry out the plan by conducting a series of purposeful experiments, all in pursuit of increasing knowledge and benefiting humanity.

I am aware that the career path to become a physician-scientist is a challenging one, as this career demands a great deal from both the research and medical worlds. This career is also notorious for putting one’s life balance—work, family, and personal lives—to a test. However, with my motivation and vision, as well as other people’s mentorship and guidance, I am confident that I can contribute to benefiting humanity by alleviating disease-caused suffering through compassionate care and scientific discoveries.

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  1. My sentiments are the same as my comments in your last post, With that stated, I am so proud of you and YOU GOT THIS!!!!! You will be missed.

    1. I will dearly miss you as well as the Futures Initiative family. You all have been such an integral part to my college experience. You all made it whole.

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