Quite Literally: Mentor Appreciation Post

In high school I was part of a program called Girls Write Now, through which I met my former mentor and current friend, Christy. Christy is a beyond-hilarious, incredibly supportive, and all-around amazing individual. Although our projects for GWN dealt with multimedia, digital, and literary tools, Christy and I often deviated from the “expected.” We spent days sipping coffee and devouring Chipotle bowls, often talking about life, drama, and boys. Of course, Christy kept me on track with our program. We created a number of multimedia pieces together, including one that received a Silver Medal for the Scholastics Art and Writing Competition. We had multiple back-and-forth conversations about my career ambitions, and it was Christy who ultimately encouraged me to pursue a career in Journalism – a choice that has solidified my passion for writing and social justice. She was (and still is) someone I can count on for support and guidance. 

I believe that having a mentor who truly understands you, is a privilege. I attribute a lot of my own success and personal growth to Christy. She was always the first person to push me out of my comfort zone. Through our weekly chats and writing sessions, I found myself exploring my heritage, identity, and persona. Unknowingly, Christy was the catalyst who gave me confidence in my academic and creative pursuits. Looking back, I truly appreciate her ability to empathize with the struggles of a seventeen year old Asian-American teenager in high school. Christy approached every obstacle I threw at her with grace and direction. I think what makes Christy such a special mentor is her genuine concern for the people she cares about. It did not take long for Christy and I to connect. In fact, Christy has a way of making any environment feel comfortable and welcoming. I always admired her way with words, whether they were on paper or in person. As a psychotherapist, Christy is an expert conversationalist and listener; she knows how to balance dialogue perfectly. All of these characteristics are unique to Christy and I am really grateful to have had her as a mentor for two years. I’m glad that we continue to keep in touch despite our own busy schedules, Christy has definitely had a lasting impact on my life. 

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About teresamettela

Hey! My name is Teresa Mettela and I am a rising sophomore at The City College of New York with the Macaulay Honors Program. As of right now, I intend to major in International Studies and minor in Journalism and Economics. Through taking classes at City College, I became immersed in writings by bell hooks, Audre Lorde, and Silvia Federici. I am so excited to further delve into these areas of interest through my internship with Girls Write Now. When I’m not writing papers for college - you can probably find me exploring the city with my boyfriend, writing poetry, or binge-watching Chopped on Food Network! Through my work as a writer, I want to change the pedagogy surrounding minority women who are entering the literary and digital world.

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  1. Wow, Christy sounds amazing. As I read your post I was thinking of the different ways in which people show up for us. Christy was like a Swiss army knife. Some times we find what we need in multiple people, however, Christy was “the one” for you. Not to say there weren’t other people in your life who made a difference, but through this post the strong connection is evident. It is also great that you two still keep in contact.

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