Democracy To Me Is….


Democracy is defined as “rule by [the] people” yet it can be different from a person to a person. Democracy may be viewed differently based on an individual’s experience. For my final project, I made a collage of what democracy means to me. From my lens, democracy includes all types of people: the youth, families, and the elderly. Democracy is about allowing them to voice their rights and opinions to help with a decision that will later influence society in general. Some challenges I view in a democracy is the lack of freedom of speech, equality, and minority rights. During the Covid-19, many journalists spoke up against authority to ask important questions. This symbolizes democracy in New York however they were not treated with respect. Furthermore, health care is prioritizing certain individuals based on age, race, or power. Democracy will only be accomplished if all people are free. As Jean-Bertrand Aristide once said, “If one suffers we all suffer. Togetherness is strength. Courage.” Democracy to me is fighting for all and standing up for those who wouldn’t be heard. As a future teacher, I believe education is a powerful tool since it opens various doors for an individual and later they can help their community. Knowledge should be available to all whether it’s through technology or newspapers. Democracy to me is typing this blog so I can voice my own concerns and be heard. I thank FI Leadership and Democracy to help me understand what democracy is and how it still needs to exist in its full form. Democracy will exist if we all stand together and accept to hear different perspectives. As we learn about each other, we can narrow down what our society needs and build upon each other’s knowledge.


Democracy does exist on paper

yet it has not come forward in person


if Democracy was a person,

it will be dressed in all colors 

full of pride to represent: all

the freedom seed should be planted


as we are losing trees, we are also losing our rights

we must water and take care of the seed so,

freedom can travel as far as the rivers run

for all

– Akampreet Kaur


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  1. Akampreet, your poem is beautiful and your ideology is what people fight against to keep inequities in place. However, if we continue as a collective to fight against the hegemonic class, the idea of democracy may one day exist.

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