Racism and Democracy panel (Late post)

The human being tends to distrust the unknown and fears those who are different, foreigners, strangers. The racists think that any custom or habit outside of their conception of life threatens them. They do not like to have the schemes and certainties broken. They need to feel safe. Therefore, fear causes aggressiveness because they feel threatened and attacked. Their behavior, whether it originates from a complex of inferiority or another from superiority, is always based on contempt.

The most touching part of the panel was when the co-director of SONG, Mary Hooks, questioned “ Where are the immigrants’ voices? Why we hide?”. The U.S. thought me that I’m different. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. As a mixed-race, we come in different shapes and covers. Our skin can be sweet as caramel or bright as the porcelain. Our hair can be straight lines or curly as a spring. Our body can look like an hourglass, most of the time like a pear. We know that everybody is different, and accept one another. I came to the United States three years ago and never thought that my curly hair would make me feel ashamed. My Latin accent used to push me back. I was embarrassed about being Dominican; I was suppressing my voice. Until I decided to reaffirm my worth. I reject the circumstances that are on my way. I want to be part of the thousands of immigrants’ voices, to be part of a community, that will lead to changes. 

All people are the same, regardless of the color of their skin. If they are given opportunities to overcome themselves economically and personally, they will flourish. If those opportunities are deprived of them, they will not succeed.


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