Whiff of Democracy

Whiff of Democracy

Our nation has met challenging times throughout its history, whether during the Civil War, the Great Depression, or the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. In 2020, America experiences yet another testing moment: the COVID-19 pandemic. The harm brought by the pandemic goes beyond the disease, as it has also stirred economic and social unrest. Whiff of Democracy offers optimism in the midst of the global chaos we collectively face. It features a poem that stands between dispiriting headlines, all of which are sampled from The New York Times front covers between March and April of 2020. While society may be disheartened by the state of the world today, there lies hope in heroes that will help us endure this moment. Taking into account the chaos of the world, Whiff of Democracy shows that there is still good happening all around us.

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  1. Love the structure and the hope of this work!

    1. Creating this work was surprisingly therapeutic. When I tried to find hope with purpose and intention amid the chaos, I got what I came looking for: hope itself!

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