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CUNY students, post a comment below to ask the Futures Initiative Mentors questions about school, stress, study habits, or whatever is on your mind. Don’t be shy! Ask away. Leadership Fellows from different CUNY Colleges are ready to answer any questions you may have. Fill our the form or leave a comment below and your questions will be answered as soon as we get to it.

You may post anonymously or use your name. Please tell us which CUNY school you attend so that we can get you the best information.


  1. Hi Mentors, I would love it if you put those resources that you discussed in your group up on this website, in the appropriate tab for your college. Will everyone do this?



  2. Hey Cathy,
    I will definitely post up resources soon! Stay tune!

  3. One of the resources was the tutoring center at the mashark building in CCNY.

  4. Hi Cathy,

    Ill post it as soon as i can!

    Sincerely Victoria

  5. Will be posting soon!

    Lauren Capellan

  6. Hi Jenny, that’s great! I hope you will post it on the CCNY tab for others to see. Thank you! Cathy

  7. #Team Baruch has uploaded the resources they found together.

  8. Baruch College

    Resources at Baruch College

    Resources for Emotional Help and Stress

    Health and Wellness Center

    Resources for Art

    Sidney Mishkin Gallery

    The Ticker

    Encounters Magazine

    Club Suite on the third floor

    Resources for Money and Financial Aid

    Scholarship services on Baruch College website
    STARR Center (jobs and internships)

    Resources for Academic Support

    SACC Center
    Advisement Center

  9. Hey everyone,
    I currently have a break before my next two finals. I wish I was there right now! I hope everyone is having fun and great edit on the website, love it!

    1. We miss you, Hurriya! Good luck on your finals!

    2. Hi. Hurriya, I’m till learning this tool, too. I replied but didn’t hit “reply” so my reply is floating below. Now I’ve learned something!. Best, Cathy

  10. City Tech Resources

    ASAP Program


    Learning Center

    Counseling Center

    Day Care Center

    Student Government Association

    Art Directors Club

    Variety of Fraternities on campus

    Multicultural Awareness Club

    City Tech Helping Hand Club

  11. Hi,
    As soon as possible, I am going to post my resources about my senior college.

  12. For Queens College, Kristina and I found Math Lab located in Kiely Hall.

  13. Good luck on the next midterm, Hurriya. It was great to see you yesterday. We’ll be hosting some meet-ups throughout the year and look forward to seeing you there. Thanks again for your fabulous resource already posted to this site! Best, Cathy

  14. My suggestion was to involve the counseling department which can help explore other factors that are contributing to the student’s current situation. This would help build back his confidence which based on observation is long gone.

  15. Alex James from CUNY Medgar Evers College
    Some helpful resources here at Medgar Evers are:

    The Career Management Center (Admissions Building)
    The Student Affairs Center (Admissions Building)
    The Athletic Facilities (The lower level of the Caroll building)
    The Counseling Center (B-building/Library)
    There are information sessions and events periodically @ The Academic Building
    -For those who want to make friends and get involved in a club, The Student Affairs Center is a great place to start.
    -For those who want to find out about programs to improve their resume, The Career Management Center.
    -And for those who would like help with swimming, weightlifting, or other sports, The Athletic Facilities has knowledgeable student-athletes.

    Please find the in your browser to look for more information on the programs and opportunities at The CUNY Medgar Evers College. Thanks!

  16. Victoria Menasce from Kingsborough Community College.
    At Kinsgborough we offer a lot of services to the student to complete their time. If one is seeking help one could go to theses following places:

    -Math tutoring floor in L609.
    -Could talk to the professor about what they could do to boost their grades.
    -Possibly talk to the financial aid office if they are having a problem to balance their work and their obligation to school.

    There are many other different offices at Kinsgborough that could help others as well.

  17. Steven Pacheco from John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Below are some useful resources (with contacts when applicable) to help you excel throughout your time there:

    Student Council – This is our student government body. I was the former VP, and elected-then-resigned President for this academic year. Makeda Jordan is the Student Council liaison between Council and Club Row. At least join a committee if you aren’t up for running for a position. Applications to run for a position come out around January/February.
    Pre-Law Institute (PLI)/Center for Postgraduate Opportunities (CPO) – Dr. Davidson is the director of this center. He’s a one of one on our campus. They will make sure you get to law school or access whatever postgraduate opportunity you interested in. You just have to meet them halfway.
    Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL) – Danielle Officer is the director of this center (CSIL is also referred to as club row). For all student life needs, this is your go-to location.
    Urban Male Initiative (Black Male Initiative across CUNY) – Maria Vidal is the director of this center. This is where I go when I want to engage in conversations that are relevant to the “urban male”. However, the center is open to everyone.
    Center for Career & Professional Development – If you’re looking for employment or want to tighten up your job hunting skills/resume/etc, make an appointment with this office.
    Community Outreach and Service Learning – Declan Walsh and Rima Douglas will get you the hands-on experiential learning you need via community service. Tell them Steven Pacheco sent you (though you could do this for every center I’ve listed a contact person for)!
    Immigration Student Success Center (I may have the name of the center wrong, it just opened this semester) – Nonetheless, there are tons of resources and support for immigrants and undocumented students on campus. From the Latin American and Latino/a Studies department to this newly created center, you will not be left to navigate your struggles on your own.
    Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) – For first year and transfer students who may need some extra support and help locating the proper resources, as well as help building community with others who are transitioning to the culture and atmosphere of John Jay College.
    Office of Student Transition Programs – Dr. Jazmine Letamendi is the director of this office. They deal with all student-centered activities across campus. Definitely go introduce yourself to this office!
    Military and Veteran’s Services – Richard Pusateri is the Manager of this office. Definitely go here if you’re a Veteran or have an intimate connection to a Veteran. This office will make sure you have support that is specific to this demographic.
    The Wellness Center – Malaine Clarke and Dana Trimboli are the go-to contacts of this center. Come here for all emergencies (literally all emergencies), counseling, and food, transportation, and miscellaneous needs.
    Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI) – While I’d proceed with caution, this is the only program on campus that assists people who have survived a brush with the criminal justice system. If you’d like to know more about why I say proceed with caution, feel free to ask me directly. Nonetheless, the team of people who you are most likely to see most frequently are a dedicated group of individuals and want to see the best for you.

    Any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Peace and love,


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