View on democracy

Back in September, I wrote a blog about  my view on Democracy. Now, after completing the program, I wanted to share what I think about democracy in a more artistic way.  

Normalcy of Disabilities

As New Yorkers, we interact with thousands of people on a daily basis. This happens on the way to the train, riding the bus and sitting in classrooms. We try to interact with everyone in the same respectful manner. In these daily interactions we just assume that all are the same. However, the normalcy of disabilities has been talked about more often and we have been made to think about it. I know that disabilities

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Mass Incarceration.

    During the October 17th Futures Initiative meeting we discussed the effects of mass incarceration.  At the beginning of the meeting the questions that we all analyzed were: Do you believe incarceration could be/is a viable option for rehabilitating people who may be accused or convicted of a crime?      I do not believe that incarceration is a viable option for rehabilitating people. When a person is accused

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When I hear the word democracy, like most people, I think of the most common definition in which citizens freely make political decision about the members that can represent us and make decisions in the political fields based on a set of rules.  Those rules being that a bill is taken up by the legislative branch, discussed and then voted on. This then becomes law. However, when I really think

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