Leadership Resources

1. Cathy Davidson, “Why Start with Pedagogy?”

Cathy Davidson, the founder of the Futures Initiative writes about reasons why she uses pedagogy to socially and structurally transform higher education by being student-centered. Davidson also gives solutions that make a world of a difference in the classroom and ultimately society.

2. “Mapping our CUNY Resources: Then and Now” By Danica Savonick (a former Student Research Fellow with The Futures Initiative).

This slide show illustrates the resistance of CUNY students during the Open Admissions Strike of 1969, which fought for open admissions, the SEEK program, peer learning and the admissions actually represent that of New York City public schools.

3. Victor Rios, “Help for kids the education system ignores” (TED Talk): 

“Define students by what they contribute, not what they lack — especially those with difficult upbringings, says educator Victor Rios. Interweaved with his personal tale of perseverance as an inner-city youth, Rios identifies three straightforward strategies to shift attitudes in education and calls for fellow educators to see ‘at-risk’ students as “at-promise” individuals brimming with resilience, character and grit.”

4. CV/Résumé Workshop by Kaysi Holman (Director of Administration and Programs, Humanities Alliance): 

Kaysi Holman provides a useful guide to how to write a CV including how to set yourself apart and how to review a CV. The guide also goes over structure; however, she also notes that different fields have different structures and to be cognizant of that. Holman also provides links that will assist you in writing your CV and resumes.

5. Safiya Noble, “How biased are our algorithms?” (TED Talk): 

What do our algorithms say about our society? In this talk, social scientist Safiya Umoja Noble investigates the bias revealed in search engine results and argues why we have to be skeptical of the algorithms we rely upon every day.

6. “Understanding the state of American democracy with Ta-Nehisi Coates,” interview by Chris Hayes (Why Is This Happening Podcast):

Hayes and Coates talk about how the current political moment, the future of the Democratic Party, what it’s like to be a writer, who cleared the way for President Donald Trump’s rise, the power of staying off Twitter and a crucial 2-word piece of advice for anyone who hopes to be great.

7. “Young Activists Who Are Changing the World” by Julia Pimentel, Carolyn Bernucca and Khal

8. “My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege. I Decided to Be Honest” by Lori Lakin Hutcherson:

Lori Lakin Hutcherson, a Black woman, recounts her experiences of racism growing up in America.