About This Project

Hello, our names are T’yana, SM, Breana, and Eric.

We have united in hopes of creating a stage where our peers can express their experiences with living in America. This project has stemmed from what we’ve learned in our Literary Text in its Historical Moment course with Professor Danica Savonick! This semester we took an astronomical journey through America’s history, in order to see how acts of dissent are expressed through multiple forms of art. From Beneatha’s rebellion towards institutionalized racism in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun to Claudia Rankine’s refusal to receptively accept microaggressions in Citizen, we can conclude that America consists of false hopes and distressing realities. It seems that there has always been an urgent need for  a better future both in the past and in the present. Therefore, “Palette of the People” was created for the people! Our site contains a collection of the diverse experiences that our peers faced, in regards to their realities and dreams. We feel that this an essential audience because we’re all within our early 20s, where we’re deciding what we want for our future. Our intent is to define the new meaning of the American dream through the experiences of  our peers, in hopes of making  our American realities look more like our American dreams. Here, we visualize our truths through various art forms like music, poetry, pictures, videos, art, and memes!

To know that we are waiting for our dreams, is to know that we must manifest them into our reality.

So we ask our peers:

1.) What is your personal dream in America?

2.) What is your reality in America?

Our Truths: 

T’yana’s American Dream vs. American Reality

If The World Could Hear Me

Out of all wishes for the universe my main focus is the universe,

If the world could hear me,

I dream that America will protect its Mother’s Nature,

Cuz’ in reality,

There’s the result of mankind destroying the earth for profit ;

Group of elite men making choices as if their prophets ;

Where’s the God in this ?

Our blessings have been poisoned into curses,

When this soil is rooted in us all,

We need it’s warmth against our feet,

But this fate lies in the hands of corrupt companies,

With their gastritis factories,

Filling the world’s stomach with crucial Calvary’s,

It saddens me,

What will it take for us to see the false promises of the American scheme,

Where money Becomes the root for everything,

& all our lives consist of worshipping

A place that was created by clipping our wings

What’s the point of dreaming in a space created by nightmares

when it’s reality never included what’s best for you?

In a country full of takers

What will you give yourself ?

Whether you’re an immigrant ,

a child of immigrants,

or a citizen,

Why do we keep dreaming here ?

What will we make of our reality ?

On a land where every individual can make something for themselves,

It’s important that we motivate one another,

In manifesting our own aspirations,

As we are the true creations of this nation!

Breana’s American Dream vs. American Reality

Using Comedy to Combat Prejudice

My American Dream has to do with my future. In my future, I want to be considered a professional woman and join the ranks of the women that have come before me. I want to be propelled into a place of mutual respect and hard work. However, I’ve had my cultural identity hold me back before. My parents are Guyanese but I was born in America. Although it may seem funny that I chose ‘curry’ for my American reality, it is an accurate assessment of my experience growing up and even trying to move through the ranks. As a kid, a common insult that would be hurled my way is ‘you smell like curry’. Now, curry is delicious and smells pretty awesome but that’s besides the point. Being whittled down to one word and having that one cultural aspect define my identity made me feel trapped. I went through a time of self-reflection where I realized that I’d have to work harder to make it as a professional because of both my cultural background and my gender. However, I’ve risen up to the challenge. Bring it on, America.

SM’s American Dream vs. American Reality

My Logic:

Hi, my name is Sm Morshed. Like everyone else here, I had an ideal of the American Dream condensed into a single word and the reality of living in America condensed into one word. I say happiness as my American Dream because in the end, that’s what the entire dream boils down to. Everyone who comes to America, regardless of their reason for coming here, believes that they can find happiness in America. And for some, that notion can be a reality. There are people who come to America and can make their dream into a reality. However, most people can’t do that. As someone who was born under immigrant parents from Bangladesh, my life is a bit easier than theirs; I am an American BORN citizen, so I didn’t have to go through any processes to become a citizen. But as someone born here, I still expected life to be easier than what it is. Maybe that was naive of me to think because as I grew up, I became angry. I was angry at my naivety and how difficult things in America actually are. But, as I grow up, I understand that my anger about the difficulty of living in America is naive as well because living ANYWHERE is difficult. My anger has waned over the years and I have come to accept it, but I can still be mad about the reality of things and wanting America to be a better place to live in. However, this short description isn’t meant for me to complain. So I can say this: my American Dream was a bit naive which is why my paper “looks” more colorful while my American Reality is grounded and it “looks” gray (I used a gray crayon but it’s a bit hard to see). Oh well.

Eric’s American Dream vs. American Reality

Under the same Sun:

Hi, my name is Eric Yanez. When my group and I came up with the idea of condensing our feelings to one word, right away I knew what to say. The word equal, would perfectly describe my American Dream, which is why I drew a sun to complement the word. We all live under the same sun, for its rays of light does not distinguish. That very light is equally shared amongst all off us, which should reflect that we should all be equal. However, it is foolish to think we are equal, which is why the picture on the right I am holding the word nonexistent. The reality is, we are far from equal whether in terms of race, sexuality, religion or identity. Humans will still find a way to segregate one another and to some extent hurt one another. Perhaps this ideal off mine may one day become a reality.


Overall, based off the palettes of the people, we can conclude that our reality in America isn’t a reflection of our dreams but, a reflection of our nightmares….

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