Title: Burn

Year: 2017

Artist: anonymous

Materials: flag, water, bucket, lighter fluid, lighter

Dimensions: ca. 5’x5′

Weight: unknown

Duration: ongoing until Homeland Security arrival

Sonic Density: Low

Degree of Constitutional Protection: Public hazard

Intended Public: National Museum of the American Indian

Value: not calculable

Nature to Manufacture Ratio: 2/9

Offense Index: not calculable

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  1. The flag burning at Bowling Green this afternoon could mean any of several things. The young man who carried out the act was Black and on his knees. Did it have something to do with the Take The Knee movement?
    It was done literally yards from Bowling Green fence, which was similarly vandalized on the night of July 9th 1776 by revolutionaries. Was the flag immolation therefore meant to respond somehow with the American Revolution action?
    The location is also a 10 minute walk from Zuccotti Park, the scene of Occupy Wall Street at this time in 2011. Was his act of washing the cobblestones related to the Occupiers’ cleanup of the park that was done, that October, in order to prevent the city from closing down Occupy in favor of cleaning the park?

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