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Category: Exhibition 1

Rug Carry (Traveling Exhibition)

Title: Rug Carry Year: 2017 Artist: various Materials: rug, rope, 4 performers Dimensions: 7’x4′ Weight: 175lbs. Duration: 13 minutes or more Sonic Density: Medium-low Degree of Constitutional Protection:…

Stumbling Block

Title: Stumbling Block Year: ca. 2012-17 Artist: unknown Materials: stone, cigarette, dirt, trash, metal, shadow Dimensions: Weight: 15lbs. Duration: Ongoing Sonic Density: Low Degree of Constitutional Protection: Public…


Title: String Year: 2017 Artist: Dimensions: Weight: Duration: Ongoing Sonic Density: Degree of Constitutional Protection: Low (obstruction) Intended Public: Value: Nature to Manufacture Ratio: 1/7 Offense Index: 5.4


Title: Burn Year: 2017 Artist: anonymous Materials: flag, water, bucket, lighter fluid, lighter Dimensions: ca. 5’x5′ Weight: unknown Duration: ongoing until Homeland Security arrival Sonic Density: Low Degree…