COMM1010 First Speech

I would say that my first speech went pretty well.  I felt good while I was up speaking.  I managed to present all the information that I wanted to so that was a relief.  I thought that I was pretty clear while I was speaking and I hope the audience noticed that too.  I was a bit nervous and occasionally my voice would crack but I was proud that I was able to get myself back on track pretty quickly.  I did catch myself saying um once or twice so I want to work on avoiding that in the future.  In regards to preparation I think that I could have done a little better.  I did make an outline and practice but I think saying my speak in front of a group of people would have helped.  I do have one tip to offer.  Right before you go to bed the night before your speech say your speech over a few times.  After you think you’ve reviewed enough immediately go to bed.  Don’t go on your phone or watch t.v just go straight to bed.  This helps to keep your speech in the front of your mind.