Introductory Speech Reflection

I wasn’t super nervous going up in front of the class. I was also an officer for my high school’s Model UN club.  It’s really entirely based off learning how to give extemporaneous speeches, so I had a fair amount of practice. However going up to present, I was a bit rusty from the summer. Also the new atmosphere, subject matter and format made it slightly harder on me because I wasn’t used to it. I was also nervous that my subject didn’t relate to me enough and was just a mini lecture on a subject I’m passionate about (and I guess that passion is an extension of myself but whatever).  I obviously wished that I had made my PowerPoint shorter but I had so much to say. I wish I was a little more outgoing in my approach but I didn’t want to come across as phony. All my tips for others would be are just pretend you aren’t nervous and if you fumble your words force your way through to the end of your sentence.  Also don’t pretend to be a person you aren’t. If you are a nervous person don’t feign enthusiasm. Truly just be yourself. Over all I really liked most everyone’s speeches. I thought they were funny and charming!