Singing Speech Reflection

When I gave my introductory speech I was nervous, but the relaxed and encouraging atmosphere of the class helped calm my nerves. Preparing more for the speech was something that could’ve helped calm my nerves; while I practiced my speech 20+ times by myself, I never practiced in front of actual people, which is what I will do when I’m practicing for the next speech. While I was speaking, I know that I used my hands so much that it was distracting and said “um” a lot, and I need to be aware of that while I’m speaking and stop those actions as I’m doing them. A tip that I used for preparing for my speech was that I wrote out the complete speech ahead of time and I highlighted and memorized all the transition phrases and specific details of the speech that I had difficulty remembering. While the exact words in the speech differed each time I practiced it, memorizing what I highlighted helped me organize my speech and keep me on track with my topic.