Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Interactive Maps

PBS usesĀ Interactive Maps as part of their Rise and Fall of Jim Crow project that add a geographic element to their overall project around the history of segregation. This project from 2002, done in Flash, shows how a number of maps can work together to expand a broader narrative, and also how time can be integrated into maps.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.52.15 AM

3 thoughts on “Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Interactive Maps”

  1. Dear PBS,
    I am so profoundly disappointed that you have chosen to retire this website. It has had such a positive affect on my Jr. High school students and I thought that I would be using it as a reaching tool for many years to come.

    Do you have a recommendation as to another site with similar interactive tools as i have been unable to find one?

    Thank you,
    Maureen Oliver
    St. Matthew Catholic School
    San Mateo, CA.

  2. Dear PBS,

    Can you please bring this site back? It served as a useful visual tool for Title VII trainings.

    Thank you.

  3. For interested readers who are disappointed that the project mentioned here is no longer actively maintained: Please note that this blog is not affiliated with PBS, but simply a collection of annotated links pointing to other resources. We do not maintain the projects referenced here.

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