Data Room

Gallup-Pudue Index Report on Higher Ed 2015 –This report assesses alumni perceptions of their undergraduate experiences and how those experiences relate to their well-being and job quality later in life. download here.

Gates Foundation primer on demographics in US higher ed:  bonus, great infographics! — any surprises here for you?

CHRONICLE of Higher Education Almanac — sort by enrollment, salaries, growth, etc.

Center on Education and the Workforce — excellent reports on learn to earn, aligning curriculum with job prospects, data on employment

Annual NMC Horizon Report on technology in Higher Ed —  Six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in educational technology in the context of their likely impact on the core missions of universities and colleges.

History of the Future — provocative perspective from ASU-GSV on higher ed and the American dream, other big sectors of the US economy, where we are headed. Don’t miss megatrends starting on p. 47.

Tutorials on Working with WordPress on the FI site — resources for working with our course site, which is a WordPress site built on the Futures Initiative’s network

Making Way for Innovation — interesting survey of how higher ed leaders see the landscape right now.

Big Idea Models — MY BIG IDEA_MODEL_Ann and MY BIG IDEA_MODEL Gilda

Graduate writing consultations at the Graduate center —  writing consultants are available to meet with Graduate Center students to review students’ written materials and to discuss writing-related issues