3 thoughts on “Attitudes lesson plan

  1. jsavoie

    I like that your Minute Paper focused on something that the student has experienced in their lives. I need to integrate more of this into my human development course. I also liked the way you had them ask themselves the question then relate it to the text. I think it might be better to have them do this minute paper before the chapter is read so that it will not influence there answer. I think some students will read the chapter then come up with an experience that easily fits the text. I think separating the two allows them to have a more reflective experience.

  2. sstern

    I thought the cognitive dissonance mini-lesson was very effective at illustrating how we reconcile what we value with our actual behavior. I think this lesson could also be used in therapeutic interventions course. A number of treatments (e.g. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; ACT) integrate values work into their protocol so clients/patients learn how to live a meaningful life by letting their values guide their behavior.

  3. Vicky Loose

    Our current political situation 2020 is a poster of cognitive dissonance. Democrats cannot understand why republicans think the way they do and republicans cannot understand why democrats think the way they do.


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