Work Motivation Lesson Plan

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Here is a lesson plan primarily focused on different theories of work motivation. Note that it is designed for a double class period (150 minutes) Work Motivation Lesson Plan

There are two mini-lessons associated with this lesson plan.

The first mini-lesson explores expectancy (VIE) theory. After watching a video in which a manager gives a goal to his employees, students discuss how the theory might be applied.

Mini-Lesson – Motivation (VIE) Instructions

Expectancy Theory Mini-Lesson Slides

The second mini-lesson is on goal-setting theory. Following an activity in which students are given different task goals, the instructor facilitates a discussion on critically analyzing goal-setting theory.

1. Instruction of Goal-Setting Mini-Lesson Activity

2-a. 10-Words-Goal

2-b. 50-Words-Goal

2-c. Do Your Best

3. Results Graph