Bipolar Disorders and Structured Assessment Lesson Plan

Here is a mini-lesson on Bipolar I and II Disorders that incorporates an introduction into structured assessment of mental disorders. The lesson was modeled off of a previously posted lesson on Depressive Disorder that was posted to the Futures site. To start the lesson, diagnostic criteria for mania, hypomania, and depression are reviewed, which is followed by a brief introduction to the MINI (an older version using DSM-IV criteria). Students then watch two Youtube videos that depict the same individual in respective manic and depressed states. After they watch the videos, they complete the Manic/Hypomanic and Depressive Episode modules of the MINI, which is followed by a class discussion on diagnosing and assessment. To conclude, students are assigned a particular type of treatment for Bipolar Disorder to research, and to write a brief paragraph on their findings by the following class period. The complete lesson plan, Power Point slides, and MINI modules are attached to this post.

Lesson Plan – Mood Disorders_Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar Disorders and Structured Assessment PP

Depressive episode_MINI module

Manic and Hypomanic Epsiode Mini Module


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