BIG FIVE and Personality LESSON PLAN

Attached is a lesson plan and supplemental Power Point slides for a 75 minute lesson on personality theory. The material is appropriate for an introduction to psychology course.

The lesson focuses on the big 5 personality traits and provides examples of the dimensions of personality using figures from pop culture. There are two versions of the Power Point slides. The *original* version provides slides for one round of the matching activity and the *extended* version provides additional slides for a second round of the matching activity. The extended slides are editable – we recommend choosing a figure who is relevant to your students’ interests when preparing the extended slides. The lesson was designed to be a fun, engaging, and student-centered review of the course content.

Lesson Plan

Reading Review Questions (use to populate PollEv)

Mini-Lesson Activity Questions (use to populate PollEv)



Google excel spreadsheet for data entry

Created by: Jordan Wylie & Alyssa Landau

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