ANOVA: Main Effects and Interactions Lesson Plan

Here is a lesson plan for a two hour class period designed to help students collaborate with peers to conduct research and share findings, and analyze data using SPSS and Excel to test hypotheses of interest.

Broad Learning Objectives (from Syllabus):
1. Analyze data using SPSS and/or Excel to test hypotheses of interest.
2. Collaborate with peers to conduct research and share findings.

Learning Objectives:
1. Calculate averages of individual participant data
2. Identify trends in the data using averages and bar graphs
3. Interpret bar graphs showing the results of studies including identification of the axes, independent measures, dependent measure(s)
4. Distinguish between main effects and interactions in bar graphs of data

    Review key terms/concepts from last lecture on ANOVAs
  • Begin with a Think Pair Share for review: Define IV, DV, Main effect, and Interaction effect.
  • Minute paper: What are the IV(s) DV(s) and what would the main effects and interaction effect be in the example study? Provide example study on the projector: e.g., Male and Female undergraduate students want to determine if music helps or hinders studying for the GRE exam . Students will either listen to music or not listen to music while studying followed by determination of the amount of vocabulary words remembered for a GRE practice exam.
  • Think Pair Share to review student answers
  •  ACTIVITY: Understanding Main Effects and Interactions
  • Load Activity PowerPoint Understanding Main Effects and Interactions onto the projector. Review Learning objectives of the exercise along with slides of key terms
  • Hand out Data Analysis worksheet Data Analysis Worksheet. Orient students to the worksheet components and describe the activity. Students break up into groups of three or four and analyze data collected from participants of a study investigating the effects of drug use on the amount of errors made on a memory test in adult men and women. In their groups, students make predictions on what they think the results demonstrate. Students in their groups fill out a table of means (number 1 on the worksheet) from the data and write their group’s averages on the chalkboard when done.
  • After all groups add their means to the chalkboard, as a class we will first confirm that all groups have the correct averages. Next, students draw the graph themselves and complete the interpretation questions below the table of means indicating any main effects or interactions they hypothesize from just looking at the table of means data and their graph. As a class we will go over the hypotheses then the bar graphs on the projector (slide 4 in the attached PPT)
  • Demo on dummy data how to run a 2 x 2 ANOVA in SPSS and graph of the data.
  • Students enter the data into SPSS and run a 2 x 2 ANOVA.
  • Students break off into groups of 4-5 and work on writing up the main results.

For HW: Students write up a brief design for their own 2 x 2 ANOVA including the IV’s, DV and main hypotheses

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