Control Problems lesson plan

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This lesson plan covers several sources of control problems in research and is designed for a Research Methods course. Attached is the detailed schedule and break down of activities for a class period (1 hours and 40 minutes). Materials are also attached.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Control Problems


Experimenter Bias Activity:

Mirror tracing PowerPoint

Experimenter Bias – Group 1 Worksheet

Experimenter Bias- Group 2 Worksheet

Experimenter Bias – Expected Results

Practice Effects Activity:

Reaction time online

Practice Effects – Expected Results

Random Sampling Activity (Adapted from Holmes, K., Jemes, A., Stukes, R. (2008). Teaching Statistics and Research Methods: A Collection of Hands-on Activities and Demonstrations):

Music links: Classical, Indie Rock

Music and Memory PowerPoint

Random Sampling – Word list

Random Sampling – Random number table

Random Sampling – Music and Memory Worksheet

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