Social Cognition Lesson Plan

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This is a lesson plan covering social cognition designed for a 75-minute Zoom class: Social Cognition Lesson Plan 

During this class:

  • Students will differentiate between perceptions based on a person’s physical appearance and those based on the descriptions of a person’s character (e.g., their likes, dislikes, etc.) and how both inform the process of impression formation.
  • Students will explain how split-second glances at a person’s face can bias their perceptions of an individual’s personality, even when they are presented with other information that might conflict with the information they get from a face.
  • Students will write about and discuss cultural influences on impression formation (e.g., how prejudice and stereotyping as well as collectivism and individualism influence impression formation.
  • Students will interpret class data by looking at a visualization of the results. Students will compare class data with published data, and discuss similarities and differences (and potential reasons for why these might differ).

Here is the information for the mini lesson survey: Info for Social Cognition Survey

Here are the PowerPoint slides, as described in the lesson plan: Halo Effect Powerpoint

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