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Mini-lesson: Can horoscopes predict personality?

Learning objectives: Students will think critically about pseudoscientific tests of personality and describe why often they appear to be accurate. In this activity, students are asked to read their “horoscope” provided in these slides: ToP_MINI_LESSON_HOROSCOPES and assess whether they believe it describes them well.  Most students will think that it does – but these are not “real horoscopes” they have been… Read more »

Ice-breakers and other ideas for first-day of classes

It is great to have ice-breakers on the first day of class – I like this game of Human Bingo where everyone goes around the class looking for people who fit the boxes on their card. Once one or two people complete a line the game stops – but then it is fun to go through the items on a… Read more »

Intelligence testing lesson-plan and associated materials

Here is the lesson plan for a double period Lesson plan for Intelligence and IQ Testing Here is the powerpoint that I have used for the Smarties and DumDums mini-lesson Activity_SmartiesnDumDums_short adapted from Lewandowski (2003). Lewandowski, G. W., Jr. (2003, March). Classroom demonstration for teaching threats to internal validity. Poster presented at 17th Annual Meeting on Undergraduate Teaching of Psychology Ideas and… Read more »

Lesson plan for Implicit Memory with associated mini-lessons

This lesson plan focuses on experiential learning about implicit memory. Here is the lesson plan for a 75 minute class: WP_Lesson_Plan_implicit memory_2017 You will need this powerpoint to present the priming stimuli IMPLICIT MEMORY_mini_lesson_2019 Your students will need this worksheet for the entire class period  WP_Implicit memory_worksheet for class_2017