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Detecting the Mood Disorder Lesson Plan

This is a 75-minute lesson plan designed to review and help students apply knowledge on Mood Disorders using group work and case studies: Lesson-Plan-–-Detecting-the-Mood-Disorder-final. Here are the slides needed for the lesson: Detecting the Mood Disorder. They include additional information to respond to student questions in the notes section of each case study as referenced in the lesson plan.

Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan submitted collaboratively (Jacqueline Douglas and Nawal Muradwij) for a 75 minute class on Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders. It includes a section on  microaggressions toward people with mental illnesses, to help students better understand the prevalence of stigma against individuals with severe mental illness. Prior to Class: Read Chapter 13 in Barlow, D. H., & Durand,… Read more »

Perceptions of Stigma in Abnormal Psychology Lesson Plan

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to: Exercise self-reflection about what they believe mental illness looks like Identify issues of stigma that may affect individuals with mental illness   Lesson Overview: This lesson is meant to be conducted at the beginning of the semester and seeks to allow students to view life through the lens of a person with a… Read more »

Mini-lesson: Can horoscopes predict personality?

Learning objectives: Students will think critically about pseudoscientific tests of personality and describe why often they appear to be accurate. In this activity, students are asked to read their “horoscope” provided in these slides: ToP_MINI_LESSON_HOROSCOPES and assess whether they believe it describes them well.  Most students will think that it does – but these are not “real horoscopes” they have been… Read more »

Bipolar Disorders and Structured Assessment Lesson Plan

Here is a mini-lesson on Bipolar I and II Disorders that incorporates an introduction into structured assessment of mental disorders. The lesson was modeled off of a previously posted lesson on Depressive Disorder that was posted to the Futures site. To start the lesson, diagnostic criteria for mania, hypomania, and depression are reviewed, which is followed by a brief introduction… Read more »

A Lesson in Clinical Interviewing and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders

Attached is a lesson plan that can be utilized to introduce students to the concept of a clinical interview, and to illustrate to them how a clinical interview assessing for Major Depressive Disorder would be conducted. In addition to the lesson plan, PowerPoint slides containing the DSM-5 criteria for Major Depressive Disorder, as well as some background information about a fictional… Read more »

Suicide & Suicide Risk Assessment

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This mini-lesson could be used in an Abnormal Psychology course. It would be best used within the mood disorders module. An outline of learning objectives, the purpose of the class/activity, and a possible class outline is attached. The powerpoint with potential discussion guides/questions (within the notes) are also provided. Handouts for classroom activity:  Columbia Suicide Rating Scale C-SSRS Risk & Protective Factors    

Introduction to the DSM-5 and Diagnosis

This mini-lesson plan could be used in an Abnormal Psychology course. It would probably be most useful to use toward the beginning of the semester. An outline of learning objectives, the purpose of the class/activity, and a possible class outline is attached. The powerpoint slides, as well as potential discussion guides/questions are also provided.