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Content Acquisition Podcast (CAP) on Decision Making

This Content Acquisition Podcast (CAP) on decision making examines the Expected Utility Theory and Prospect Theory. It provides examples of how individuals may make decisions that violate the Expected Utility Theory from Kahneman and Tversky (1979). This CAP may be used in a Cognitive Psychology and Consumer Psychology course. CAP on Decision Making

Short-Term Memory/Clustering

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Infusing lessons with data: Mini-lesson on Short-Term Memory/Clustering The following lesson could be incorporated in either and Intro to Psychology class or Cognitive Psychology class where the topic revolves around memory. Students will be shown a table of 25 random words for two minutes. The words will then disappear, and students will be asked to write down as many words… Read more »

Materials from Quantitative Reasoning Workshop

Thanks to Aysenur Benevento, Teresa Ober, and Christen Madsen for contributing materials. We have uploaded slides that provide activities for (1) operationalizing a variable, (2) teaching students how to compute odds ratios, and (3) graphing data, as well as providing links to other resources for infusing your psychology class with quantitative reasoning.  For the serial position effect demo, here are… Read more »

Intelligence testing lesson-plan and associated materials

Here is the lesson plan for a double period Lesson plan for Intelligence and IQ Testing Here is the powerpoint that I have used for the Smarties and DumDums mini-lesson Activity_SmartiesnDumDums_short adapted from Lewandowski (2003). Lewandowski, G. W., Jr. (2003, March). Classroom demonstration for teaching threats to internal validity. Poster presented at 17th Annual Meeting on Undergraduate Teaching of Psychology Ideas and… Read more »

Lesson plan for Implicit Memory with associated mini-lessons

This lesson plan focuses on experiential learning about implicit memory. Here is the lesson plan for a 75 minute class: WP_Lesson_Plan_implicit memory_2017 You will need this powerpoint to present the priming stimuli IMPLICIT MEMORY_mini_lesson_2019 Your students will need this worksheet for the entire class period  WP_Implicit memory_worksheet for class_2017