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Attribution Theories Lesson Plan

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This 75 minute ZOOM lesson plan introduces the area of social psychology and attribution: Attribution Lesson Plan You can find the pre-class chapter by Yanine D. Hess and Cynthia L. Pickett here:   This powerpoint includes the poll questions with multiple choice options: Attribution Poll_T.Williams

Lesson Plan on Eyewitness Memory

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Here is a lesson plan on eyewitness memory and testimony: JJones Eyewitness Memory Lesson Plan 5.15 Students will engage in a number of activities that demonstrate the fallibility and malleability of their own memory at both the encoding and retrieval stages, communicate their understanding of memory as a reconstructive process, and practice thinking like researchers interacting with the legal system…. Read more »

Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development Lesson Plan

Here is a lesson plan on Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development in which students, in small groups, will create a presentation slide on one of the 8 stages and present it at the end of class: Intro Psych_Erikson Stages of Psychosocial Development_Lesson Plan Note: The lesson plan PDF includes links to all necessary materials to complete the lesson. Although… Read more »

Mental Health and Stigma Lesson Plan

The overall aim of this lesson plan is to discuss the influence of stigma on mental illness. This lesson is connected to the unit on psychological disorders. The learning objectives are: Define psychological disorders and mental illness Understand psychological models and historic views of psychologically disorders Identify barriers people face to getting proper help about mental illness Compare and contrast… Read more »

Nature vs Nurture Lesson Plan

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Learning Objectives:  Review the Nature/Nurture debate in psychology Critically think about these two perspectives when evaluating human attributes and behaviors Exercise self-reflection (make accurate self-observations) and apply these two concepts to oneself. Lesson Overview: This mini-lesson seeks to evoke critical thinking about the perspectives from both ends of the Nature/Nurture debate in an introduction to psychology classroom. By applying these… Read more »

Theoretical Perspectives on Learning Role-Play Lesson Plan

This lesson is an interactive student-centered method for reviewing the different theoretical perspectives on learning covered in an introduction to psychology course. This lesson should be included in the course scope as a review towards the end of the semester. The material included in this lesson is derived from sub-units on learning and development. Students will apply, analyze, and evaluate the theories of Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, B.F. Skinner, and Ivan Pavlov in small groups. Each group… Read more »

Mini lesson: Moral decision-making

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Learning objectives: Students will  think critically about the philosophical foundations of moral psychology by discussing how their intuitions change from scenario to scenario or differ from individual to individual. In this lesson, students will see an example of how philosophical theory is utilized to empirically test psychological concepts- like intuition based judgment- in a real life demonstration of a common… Read more »