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Goal Setting and Motivation Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan for a 75 minute class on Zoom, students will learn about goal setting and motivation. Not only will students learn the academics of goal setting theory, but also learn the practical implications and how culture can influence these goals and motivation of employees. Through various activities and discussions, students will be able to describe the attributes… Read more »

Executive Coaching and Mindfulness Lesson Plan

In this 75-minute lesson plan, through two class activities, students will draw together literature on executive coaching and literature on mindfulness to develop their understanding and ability to practice mindfulness in anxiety-provoking situations. Further, students will be able to apply these lessons to the practice of executive coaching in I/O psychology. See file::Coaching Lesson Plan v.2

Team Processes Lesson Plan

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Here is a lesson plan designed to help students understand the role of teamwork in organizations by examining the structure of teams and evaluating the individual’s role in teams. This lesson plan is for a 75-minute in-person class. Annalissa Thomas Team Processes Lesson Plan Here is the collaboration tool sheet for the self-assessment activity: Collaboration Tool

Competency Model Lesson Plan

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This lesson plan (for I/O Psychology courses) is designed for teaching students about competency models in a 75 minute class period. In this lesson, students will be able to create their own competency models for a job analysis and apply it to their own lives within a selection or performance management context. This is the link to the Lesson Plan:CompetencyModel_LessonPlan… Read more »

Mini Lesson: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in the Workplace

This mini-lesson focuses on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a theory that can be used to understand employee motivation and its effect in the workplace. This mini-lesson can be incorporated into a larger lesson plan on motivation in the workplace, which could focus on a variety of theories that can be used to assess employees in different organizations. The PPT included… Read more »

Personnel Selection Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan for a 75 minute  I/O class on Personnel Selection. Here is the link for directions on how to carry out the lesson: Selection Lesson Plan Here is the link to the selection lesson plan PPT.  However, it can be shortened if needed: MiniLesson_IOHistory This is the worksheet that students should be given prior to the… Read more »

Workplace Diversity Mini-Lesson

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Workplace Diversity Mini-Lesson   Lesson Objectives  By the end of the mini-lesson, students should have gained an understanding for why diversity in the workplace matters. Additionally, they should be able to identify the different types of diversity and understand challenges raised by workplace diversity. Finally, by the end of this lesson students should be able to describe how I-O Psychologists… Read more »

Activity for Lessons on Leadership

In a highly diverse workforce, it is important for students to understand how stereotypes can influence our workplace interactions, practices and policies. This short classroom activity can be used to get students to think about how gender stereotypes can influence perceptions of effective leaders. This activity would be useful to include in an Industrial/Organizational psychology class for larger leadership unit.