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Competency Model Lesson Plan

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This lesson plan (for I/O Psychology courses) is designed for teaching students about competency models in a 75 minute class period. In this lesson, students will be able to create their own competency models for a job analysis and apply it to their own lives within a selection or performance management context. This is the link to the Lesson Plan:CompetencyModel_LessonPlan… Read more »

Futures Initiative Spring Symposium

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On April 3rd I attended and participated in the Futures Initiative’s Spring Symposium: Pedagogy, Research and Social Change. During the 2:10 to 3:00 session, the talk entitled “Fostering Connection, Renewal, and Leadership through Peer Mentoring” offered an indepth look at the Futures Initiative Peer Mentoring program. This panel talk featured directors Lauren Melendez and Mike Rifino. The directors introduced the… Read more »

3rd Annual Online Education Conference

I attended the third annual CUNY online education conference on Friday, May 12th and was able to sit in on a number of awesome talks which related to some of our more recent discussion in technology interfacing with students. Specifically, a talk titled “Finding an Optimal Balance Between Face to Face and Online Instruction in E-Learning Hybrids” caught my eye…. Read more »

Play and Experimentation in the Classroom

I bee-lined through the attendees leisurely eating lunch, to ensure a spot at the, “Learn to Play, Play to Learn” workshop at the TEACH@CUNY event (Allison Lehr-Samuels & Zoe Sheehan). I didn’t need to awkwardly waiver between classrooms, the description piqued my interest at first glance: “How can faculty embrace playing and experimentation in the classroom? In this workshop we… Read more »

Web Conferencing Tools for Teaching (2)

This is the second and the last post about web-conferencing tools for teaching. If you haven’t read our first post, it is recommended to read it first. It gives you excellent descriptions of the characteristics of three most commonly used web-conferencing tools — Google Hangout, Blackboard Ultra, and Cisco WebEx. In this post, I would like to present additional information about the… Read more »

Web Conferencing Tools for Teaching

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On April 25, 2017, the Baruch College Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) hosted a workshop on web conferencing. The aim of the workshop was to inform instructors about different technology tools available to connect with students virtually. These tools can be used for a number of different purposes, such as to hold office hours online, host an online class, or reach… Read more »

Professional Writing in the Classroom

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The workshop I attended focused on honing your professional writing skills, which is a beneficial trait for not only students but for instructors and other individuals in an academic setting.  Even though this workshop was only offered to graduate and doctoral students, the tools that were taught to those in attendance can easily be transferred to an undergraduate classroom setting. … Read more »

Using WordPress in the Classroom

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On Wednesday, April 24th, I attended a workshop hosted by the Graduate Student Teaching Association (GSTA) on how to use WordPress in the classroom. The purpose of this event was to provide attendees an opportunity to hear how WordPress can be a useful tool to engage students in experiential learning and a way to keep your syllabus “alive” and accessible… Read more »

TLC Workshop: Demystifying Education Technology

While I cannot say that educational technology was demystified for me, in fact I believe it was more ‘mystified’, I did come away with some practical information on how technology can be used in a student-centered way.  I have phrased this as if it is coming from the speaker so all information should be attributed to Andrew G McKinney (Except… Read more »

More on Engaging Diverse Viewpoints in the Classroom

I attended an event organized by the Teaching and Learning Center at John Jay College entitled “Faculty Teach In: Engaging Diverse Viewpoints in the Classroom”. The discussion provided guidance to faculty on how to create a positive learning environment when faced with challenging topics, with emphasis on discussions surrounding political viewpoints in light of the recent presidential election. First, information… Read more »