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Levels of Measurements Lesson Plan

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This in -person lesson plan focuses on levels of measurement as a part of a variable in a Research Methods Course. Here is the lesson plan for 70-80 minute in-person class: YILIN_Lesson Plan-Types of Measurements_finalHere is the lesson plan for 70-80 minute class Here is the worksheet for the in-class activity: Reasearch methods-level of measurements Remo menus worksheet Googel sheet… Read more »

Lesson Plan – Psychometric Properties of Psychological Phenomena (Reliability and Validity)

This is a lesson plan on the psychometric properties of psychological phenomena. There is a specific focus on (1) understanding and differentiating between reliability and validity and (2) using these concepts to evaluate personality type measures. The lesson plan and the student worksheet are attached. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to: Differentiate the conceptual aspects… Read more »

Cognitive Biases lesson plan

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This lesson is designed to enable students to define different types of biases and identify examples of them in journalism, pseudoscience, and their daily lives. The lesson is also intended to help students articulate the importance of avoiding biases in psychology research. Here is the lesson plan for a 75-minute class: Cognitive Biases Lesson Plan 5-26-20 You will need this… Read more »

Control Problems lesson plan

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This lesson plan covers several sources of control problems in research and is designed for a Research Methods course. Attached is the detailed schedule and break down of activities for a class period (1 hours and 40 minutes). Materials are also attached. Lesson Plan: Lesson Plan: Control Problems Materials: Experimenter Bias Activity: Mirror tracing PowerPoint Experimenter Bias – Group 1… Read more »

Nonexperimental research lesson plan

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Nonexperimental lesson plan Attached is a lesson plan for a research methods/experimental psychology class. The lesson plan covers nonexperimental research with a focus on correlation and causation. The attached lesson plan includes worksheets and graphs needed to conduct the lesson. This lesson can be conducted either in-person or online. Alex Bonagura

Correlation using class data Lesson Plan

Correlation Lesson Plan During this 2 hour lesson, students will complete a survey, form hypotheses about the correlation between two variables, use statistics software to analyze data, and interpret their results. After this, they will create their own surveys, collect data, analyze it, and interpret the correlation on their own. This should be done after students have completed a textbook… Read more »

Validity Jeopardy Game Lesson Plan

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Here is a lesson plan on validity types and threats: Research Methods Lesson Plan This is a Jeopardy game of different types of validity and threats. This would be a great review after the topic has already been introduced to students. Here is the PowerPoint for this lesson plan: Threats to Validity Mini Lesson 2

Samples Sizes and Fun with M&Ms Lesson Plan

This 60-minute lesson is intended to be used for a class meeting after students have read about sampling. It is geared towards students in Experimental Psychology but part of it was adapted from an Introductory Statistics lesson about sample size (Ciarocco, 2010). By the end of these activities, students will be able to: Describe the role of sample size in… Read more »