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Workplace Diversity Mini-Lesson

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Workplace Diversity Mini-Lesson   Lesson Objectives  By the end of the mini-lesson, students should have gained an understanding for why diversity in the workplace matters. Additionally, they should be able to identify the different types of diversity and understand challenges raised by workplace diversity. Finally, by the end of this lesson students should be able to describe how I-O Psychologists… Read more »

Work Motivation Lesson Plan

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Here is a lesson plan primarily focused on different theories of work motivation. Note that it is designed for a double class period (150 minutes) Work Motivation Lesson Plan There are two mini-lessons associated with this lesson plan. The first mini-lesson explores expectancy (VIE) theory. After watching a video in which a manager gives a goal to his employees, students discuss… Read more »

Lesson Plan on Performance Management and Associated Materials

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The lesson plan builds off a prior lesson on the basics of work performance and explores considerations related to the implemention of a performance management system in organizations: Performance Management Lesson Plan The files below are for the mini-lesson associated with this lesson plan. This mini-lesson involves a role-play activity where a performance appraisal is simulated. 1. Instruction of Performance Appraisal Mini-Lesson… Read more »